BBAN-394 Meisa Kawakita Ena Satsuki, A special relationship to step into for the first time. Censored


BBAN-394 A special relationship to step into for the first time. Real Best Friend Lesbian Documentary Meisa Kawakita Ena Satsuki

[Kawakita Meisa lesbian ban lifted. ] Closer than anyone, prettier than anyone, and a special existence that you don’t want to give to anyone. Even in such a private life, Enachi, who is a good friend, laughed, had fun, kissed and played innocently. A true confession of a close friend who has been together for a long time, an uncontrollable emotion, and a body temperature that rises every time we put our lips together. The ultimate emotional lesbian documentary where you can communicate with body and body, mind and heart, and new emotions will sprout.

Release Date: 07 Oct 2022
Duration:170 mins
Director:Nao Masaki
Studio: bibian
Categories: Lesbian,Lesbian Kissing,Beautiful Girl,Beautiful Tits,Documentary,Exclusive Distribution,Hi-Def,
Cast(s): Meisa Kawakita,Ena Satsuki,


Date: October 15, 2022

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